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As a journalist and editor with expertise in motorsport, I have written numerous articles on Formula One for Pitstop Media, attended multiple motorsport events as press, and conducted interviews with various motorsport organisations. I have also founded and directed a film production company, Red Hat Productions Ltd, which has won several awards for its stunning visual narratives, and hosted a sponsored showcase event at Everyman Bristol.

I recently completed my Masters in Journalism from the University of Sheffield, where I learned how to create engaging and informative content for different media platforms and audiences. I also developed my skills in pitching stories, solving complex problems, and getting to the heart and truth of issues. I am passionate about exploring new and innovative ways of storytelling, such as creating and hosting a news pub quiz themed podcast, which aimed to engage a younger audience with the news in a fun and interactive manner. I am looking for opportunities to apply my creativity, curiosity, and tenacity in the media and communications industry.

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Verstappen feels "safe" in Mexico despite need for bodyguards

Max Verstappen has reassured he feels safe at Mexico despite the need of bodyguards blaming “made-up” Perez rivalry.

Receiving a tough reception in Austin, Verstappen is expecting worse in Mexico. Booed by Perez fans on the podium, Red Bull have stated the need for bodyguards for the championship winner.

Mexico is one of the busiest paddocks in the calendar and has been seen with two bodyguards so far.

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New details on Valencia battery fire revealed by FIA

The FIA has stated that sparking from the DS Penske FE car created the localised fire which halted testing indefinitely in Valencia.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon localised to the garage of the battery supplier, WAE. FE had planned testing sessions at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Spain, however, it had been halted by the fire.

Resuming on Thursday afternoon, the FIA has now released new light on the incident, able to confirm it was due to a faulty battery.

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Hulkenberg confirms talks with Audi F1 for 2026

Nico Hulkenberg has confirmed Audi F1 has shown “interest” in the only German driver on the current grid for 2026.

Despite beliefs that Mick Schumacher was the prime target, the Haas driver has appeared as the key target for the German manufacturer.

With both Sebastian Vettel and Schumacher taking their leave last season, it leaves Hulkenberg as the only current German F1 driver.

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Speaking to Sky Germany, he s

"Of course it's a mistake" says Allison on Hamilton's disqualification

In a recent video, Mercedes’ technical director James Allison has spoken about Lewis Hamilton’s disqualification labelling it as a mistake.

Finishing second on track, Hamilton was disqualified due to his plank being too worn.

Not the only offender with Charles Leclerc also disqualified, the mistake removed Hamilton of his podium.

It has also possibly ruined his chances to finish second in the driver’s world championship.

In a video posted by Mercedes, Allison noted that, while 1mm of wear is

F1 Sprint revamp: standalone title, reverse grid, $1m cash prize

Heads of F1 are looking to completely change the sprint format after understanding the current format is not exciting enough.

Seen as too boring, the Austin sprint race saw Max Verstappen take another win. With little action, the race triggered a lack of interest from fans with ticket sales taking a hit.

In response, F1 believes change is needed and, while committed to the format, they’re aiming to revamp the F1 weekend.

No formal proposals have been made at this moment, however, potential ch

Ferrari Owns up to Poor Leclerc Strategy in Austin

Ferrari team principal Fred Vassuer admitted that the team made a mistake to leave Leclerc out on one one-stop strategy in Austin GP.

Although he started from pole, Charles Leclerc lost out in the opening of the race to both Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton. On top of this, he was the only driver to try a one-stop.

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Hopeful it would work, the Monagasque slowly fell back losing position to Ferrari teammate, Carlo

Perez Does Not Need Second Place says Red Bull

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has stated Sergio Perez doesn’t need to finish second in the driver’s championship to keep his seat.

It can be hard to be Max Verstappen‘s teammate. None more have felt this than Sergio Perez who has had his fair share of difficulties in the 2023 F1 season.

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Perez started the season strong, winning two races in the first half of the season. However, recently, he has had

Verstappen dominates the first showdown in Austin Sprint race

Max Verstappen wins the Austin sprint race, aggressively keeping the lead from Charles Leclerc off the line.

Pushing Charles Leclerc nearly off track, protecting his position, the Dutchman remained unchallenged during this weekend’s sprint weekend.

While Leclerc tried to take the lead, Verstappen’s defence opened the door for Lewis Hamilton to overtake Leclerc out of turn one and take second.

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Hamilton during

Brundle and Hamilton stand strong in Qatar heat row

Martin Brundle and Lewis Hamilton have stood strong against drivers who have said the heat in Qatar was unsafe to drive in.

The 2023 Qatar Grand Prix saw several drivers severely struggle from heat exhaustion. Esteban Ocon threw up in his helmet, Logan Sergeant had to retire, and Lance Stroll nearly passed out.

However, despite this, opinions surrounding the driver safety of the race is yet to be unanimous. Both Lewis Hamilton and Martin Brundle have spoken for the dangers of racing in those c

2023 Austin Grand Prix: Five Things To Watch

Max Verstappen may be champion but there’s still much to fight for at the Austin Grand Prix. Here’s five things to watch this weekend.

It’s been a near-perfect season for both Red Bull and Max Verstappen. Losing one race this year and entering the Austin Grand Prix still as firm favourites to win the race, it would be fair to presume the season is all but over.

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However, as we enter the final five races of this

100 races on who is the best out of Norris and Russell?

Both George Russell and Lando Norris will hit 100 races this weekend in F1…

But who’s been the better driver?

Take a short view of the past. In 2019, Russell and Norris both stood on the F1 grid for the first time as fresh-faced rookies. Russell was crowned the F2 champion in 2018 but Norris still put up a strong fight to challenge his British counterpart.

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Four years have passed since their first race. Russel

Norris opens up for World Mental Health Day

Sitting down with his performance coach, Jon Malvern, McLaren driver Lando Norris opened up about how the duo managed his mental health for World Mental Health Day.

Celebrating his 100th race this weekend at the Austin Grand Prix along with George Russell and Charles Leclerc, Norris reflected on his past struggles since he started racing, paired with Malvern since 2014 and therefore offering keen insight into the driver.

Malvern described himself in the YouTube video as responsible for prepari

Bianca Bustamante becomes the first female driver of McLaren

F1 Academy driver Bianca Bustamante has made history by becoming the first female driver in the McLaren Driver Development Programme.

The Philipino driver will represent McLaren on the 2024 F1 Academy grid as part of a new initiative in which all 10 teams must support one driver and have their livery on one car. However, despite racing with Prema Racing during the inaugural F1 Academy season, Bustamante will switch to ART Grand Prix for the 2024 season, who will sport the Woking-based team’s li

Rosberg Worried For Daniel Ricciardo After Fitness Update

Nico Rosberg has revealed concerns for Daniel Ricciardo suggesting he is still struggling in the simulator despite his return this weekend at Austin.

Announced by his team, Scuderia Alpha Tauri F1 Team, Ricciardo is set to return to his seat this weekend at the Austin Grand Prix after being out of action since late August after breaking a bone in his hand in FP1 at Zandvoort.

Despite the excitement surrounding his return, it is now believed his recovery is not going as well as first thought.

New McLaren Development Driver Bortoleto "exciting talent"

McLaren Formula 1 team principal Andrea Stella has said the team’s new Driver Development Programme signing, 2022 F3 champion Gabriel Bortoleto is an “exciting talent”.

The McLaren Development Driver initiative was officially launched in April 2023. Overseen by five-time Le Man winner and former F1 driver Emanuele Pirro, Bortoleto is the most recent signing to the programme which includes several other upcoming talents.

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Drive to Survive and Full Swing stars pair up in Netflix live event

F1 drivers are set to be paired up with four of the world’s best golfers in the first-ever sports broadcast on Netflix.

Officially named the Netflix Cup, the tournament is set to happen on the week of this year’s Las Vegas GP, starting on 14 November, and will see the stars of Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ and ‘Full Swing’ pair up to complete a match-play tournament.

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The match is set to happen at Wynn Golf Club

F1 Academy to support F1 in new 2024 calendar

Following the success of its inaugural season, F1 Academy has announced a seven-race calendar which all will feature in an F1 weekend.

Taking the place of W Series after its financial troubles and its eventual collapse, F1 Academy hit the track in 2023 for its first season.

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Racing at seven different circuits with its final due to be shown at this weekend’s F1 race in Austin, the series will now support its cou

Club racer dies in crash at Mallory Park

Roger Twelvetrees came off the track on the Stebbe Straight in the first few laps of the second race of the day at the VSCC’s final race meeting of the year.

The race was quickly red flagged with several ambulances arriving on the scene of the crash.

However, it was confirmed later by governing body Motorsport UK that Twelvetrees had not survived the crash.

In a statement, Motorsport UK said: “The thoughts of everyone at Motorsport UK are with his family and friends, the Vintage Sports-Car Cl

Sheffield Wednesday secure win over Exeter City thanks to second half goals

Sheffield Wednesday faced off against Exeter City in a thrilling match that secured the Owls three points at Hillsborough Stadium on Saturday.

Exeter City controlled possession early on and the first half saw referee Declan Bourne replaced by Andy Haines after an injury forced him off the pitch.

The first goal of the match came in the 49th minute by Exeter City’s Josh Key, assisted by Jake Caprice’s cross.

Lee Gregory then equalised for the home side when the striker put Barry Bannan’s free-k

Mother-daughter weightlifting duo set to head to South Africa for Team GB.

A Sheffield mum and daughter who have both made Team GB are crowdfunding to raise money to get to South Africa and compete in a lifelong dream.

Achieving a goal many dream to achieve at only the age of 15, Violet Clarke, a competitor in the Under-18 U52kg weight class, has only been powerlifting for a year.

Already though, she has managed to break all of the Yorkshire and the North East regional records leading to the chance to don the Team GB jersey and compete internationally for her country

Family with baby who spent five months in hospital given 'much deserved holiday'

Festival of Giving (FOG), based in Shaftesbury, chose to help the Hunt family, who live in Gillingham, after youngest member Milo found himself in and out of hospitals with RSV Bronchiolitis.

This is an infection of the smaller airways in the lungs which is more common in babies and very small children. The disease is different from bronchitis, which is an infection affecting the larger airways.

The Hunt family are set to go to Devon in June for a much-needed break being their first holiday si

Owner plans to restore Kludo to former glory after £50k refurb

Former Director of Kludo Inc, on Milford Street, Tom Mundy announced earlier this month that the bar would be "permanently closing".

But now owner Alex Nettle has said he will reopen the venue.

Since the announcement, he says he has received an "outpouring of support" from members of the community, including two former employees who wanted to return to work at Kludo and Brett Williams of City Carpets on Brown Street, who offered to replace the carpeting in the bar with no payment upfront.


15th century library hidden deep within Salisbury Cathedral opening to public

The library’s holdings are too important for the room to be regularly accessible to the public, but the Cathedral does not mean to keep it a secret.

Tours of the library, guided by librarian Dr Anne Dutton and archives and collections’ manager Emily Naish are available to the public once a month.

In celebration of the coronation of His Majesty King Charles III, visitors to the Cathedral between Saturday, April 29 and Friday, May 5, will have a unique opportunity to enter the library during its

Chalke Valley History Festival tickets go on sale next week - here's what's in store

The Daily Mail Chalke Valley History Festival, which began in 2011, is an annual event in the last week of June with over 200 talks and panel discussions in five tents, with the largest, the main tent, able to seat 750 people.

New to this year is the Stove tent, a cosy 100-seater with a central wood-burning stove said to be good for late-night events such as live music and also an entire themed programme to help visitors find talks and events they are interested in more easily.

These themes ar
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Pitstop Media was curated in 2018 by Hamish Shackleton in the hopes of engaging with other motorsport fans, while aiming to reach his goals of becoming a motorsport journalist. Being in a home surrounded by F1, Hamish quickly came to love the sport and, to this day, has a burning passion to read, write, and speak all things 2 or 4 wheels.

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Verstappen Wins Emotional US GP Against Hamilton Seeing 2021 Rivals Locking Horns Again — Pitstop Media

In a phenomenal US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, Verstappen took his 13th win this season, dedicated to Red Bull’s co-founder, after an 11 second pitstop and an epic 2021-esque duel against Hamilton in the final laps of the race. In what looked to be a dull race in the first half, the US GP saw an action packed, nail biter finish, seeing Verstappen win the race and Red Bull confirm themselves as the winners of the constructor title after another disappointing race for Ferrari. However, it wasn’t

Ferrari Steal Pole in France in Sneaky Strategy — Pitstop Media

Charles Leclerc will start the French Grand Prix at the Circuit de Paul Ricard on pole ahead of championship leader Max Verstappen, set to be favourite across the weekend due to Red Bull’s pure straight line speed compared to the prancing horses. Although on pole, Leclerc sits on the top spot, separated by all but one car from his teammate, Carlos Sainz, due to the Spaniard taking several engine penalties after his scary engine blowout and, consequently, fire in Austria.

In taking the penalty,

The History of Pedro Rodríguez: A Man Remembered and Honoured in Monaco —

While most special Monaco helmets involve elements of gambling, sea views and the glitz and glamour of the city, Sergio Perez took to honour his hero and home national figure of Pedro Rodríguez. In a statement on his decision for the helmet, Checo was quick to comment that the pair are ‘the only Mexican drivers who have had victories and podiums in the sport, in Formula One’. In a weekend that Perez became the most successful Mexican F1 driver ever, the helmet fitted as a suiting passing of the

From Rags to Riches: Perez Wins in Leclerc’s Heartbreaking Loss at Home —

Where to start. Rain. More rain. No rain. A shortened description of everything that made Monaco, a track which future is up in air, showed once again why we love the nearly 100 year old race. In a dramatic event, Sergio Perez won the Monaco Grand Prix in magnificent style through an outstanding consistency no matter the tyre, conditions or pressure, making or breaking the racing royalty to his left and right. While the Ferrari’s started the race with a, later to be seen, façade of confidence, s

F1 Looking to Switch up Calendar in Attempt to Group Races by Region — Pitstop Media

With Liberty Media initially stating a promise to be carbon neutral by 2030, a hard task for an international motorsport, clumping races together seems like a wise move in aiding the sport’s reach of the target. With the F1 circus moving from Miami to Spain for the race this Sunday, it’s easy to understand how, with the races being so spread out, it can cause massive carbon footprints. With Baku and Montreal looking to be back to back races, it’s choice to have so many races close together but g

Leclerc Faces Engine Issues While Verstappen Storms to Victory — Pitstop Media

From lights out to flag, the 2022 Spanish Grand Prix was full of action, recovery drives and some of the best defending this year. Leclerc got off the line perfectly, taking a sharp line to defend Max, holding the lead from that moment, with Max finding a tailwind at turn 4 causing him to lose braking and take a short trip across the gravel, losing second and third to Russell and Perez in consequence. Although this meant Charles had no worries, managing his own race, on lap 27 the Ferrari’s engi

Leclerc Snatches Pole in More Red Bull Reliability Woes — Pitstop Media

After an impressive lap set by Max Verstappen towards the beginning of the Q3 session, while championship rival Charles Leclerc spun, qualifying ended in a opposite fashion with Leclerc setting a phenomenal lap, 0.300 seconds faster than Verstappen, who was unable to do a final run seeing more engine woes. While originally the issue seemed to possibly be something damning, Red Bull have since claimed the loss of power was due to a sensor failure; it was clear to see still the frustration for Ver

eSkooter Championship: DiGrassi’s Look into the Future of Mobility and it’s Inaugural Race —

The eSkootr Championship, otherwise known as ESC, held it’s inaugural race this weekend at the renowned London club ‘Printworks’, turning the dance floor into something a whole lot different. With the idea helped developed by Formula E’s Lucas di Grassi, known for being a key figure in creating the world leading electric sport, Formula E, and Alex Wurz, another formula Formula One driver, it looks to accelerate the future of mobility while making a spectacle out of it. With the scooters themselv

Bahrain 2022: Talking Points —

The inaugural race of the 2022 season started off with a bang, seeing some great wheel to wheel racing at the front between Max and Charles while also offering an insight in what to expect throughout the grid for the rest of the season. I think it’s fair to say the rule changes has created some winners and some losers already, with the grid already looking completely mixed up when compared to last season. So now we have had a few days to digest what was an eventful race, what’s the main talking

Ferrari Wins 1-2 Victory Among Red Bull’s Catastrophe —

After a great start from Leclerc, Verstappen saw himself consistently out of the attack window of the Ferrari, unable to catch him after early in race having to manage brake temperatures. However, during the first round of pitstops, Red Bull’s choice of the undercut allowed Max to fight Leclerc, closing the gap significantly enough that the two switched positions several times on the main and second straight. Although Max looked to get the job done several times, Leclerc’s racing prowess meant h

Nikita Mazepin and Uralkali Dropped by Haas: Who Will Replace Him? —

This Article is available in podcast form! Head over to Podcasts to get the companion piece to this article.

The news thats been surrounding the world over the last week is Vladimir Putin’s order of the Russian forces to invade Ukraine. Since his shock decision, the invasion has been condemned by Western powers with sanctions imposed in response. Within this, major sport bodies have also taken action with the International Olympic Committee recommending all Russian and Belarusian athletes be ba

F1-75: Ferrari Announces Name for New Challenger —

Ferrari have released the name of their 2022 Formula one challenger in homage to their first production car.

While following such cars as the SF1000 and SF21, the name falls out of pattern with the familiar names for the Scuderia cars, however the F1-75 is the 68th car built within the Maranello factory, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the 125 S, Ferrari’s first production car, leaving the factory in March 1947.

The 125 S was the first vehicle to bear the Ferrari name, first racing at the



We took a look at some of the venues Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders is involved with, after he chipped in to buy Sheffield pub Fagan’s with his friends! #fyp #arcticmonkeys #am #sheffield @fern 👁👅👁

♬ brianstorm part 1 - carla

Anti-immigration protesters met hundreds of activists outside a hotel in Rotherham housing asylum seekers on Saturday. #Rotherham

♬ original sound - Sheffield Wire - Sheffield Wire

We went to West Yorkshire and asked people there what they thought of #happyvalley and how it represented the area.

♬ original sound - Sheffield Wire

Varsity 2023

Taking part in Sheffield's varsity this year, involved in the Forge TV's wide coverage of the events, I was given the role of a camera operator for Mens and Womens Basketball. 

Seeing Sheffield Hallam University vs the University of Sheffield, I was the sole camera operator on the livestream of the men's match, something I was tasked with due to late technical difficulties.

Understanding the importance of the role, I was able to think quick on my feet and make sure the footage ran smoothly, focussing on the important players and events in a sport known for its fast pace characteristics. 
What was important to me was not only the actions shots but the personability of the stream. While when you watch NBA you have athletes you know and recognise, it's unlikely for this to happen in such a niche event.

Therefore, the ability for the camera to build a relationship between you and the most impressive players during the two hours of the game was vital in order to give the stream character and meaning beyond simply a game. Because as we all know, sport is always more than that and it's the people that make it. 

Founder and Head of Marketing

New to my role at Red Hat this year is managing the company's marketing plans, working closely with those working on ongoing projects along with boosting its general image. 

This will require me to look into ongoing trends, creating new ways for fans to engage and how best to promote future films in order gain further funding or attention. 

Already starting conversations on what needs improvements, follow Red Hat on all social medias and on our website to see what changes I will be implementing.